I will.
They found Farrell's bullet.
Looks like a.38.

We'll get both bullets to the lab.
See if we can get a fix on the weapon.
If it's okay with you.

A guy came by.
Said he was your new partner.

- Did he leave a name?
- No.

Can I borrow this? Thank you.
- Pioneer Lodge.
- "Warfield for Dormer."

John Warfield.
He's called a couple times.

Want me to lie?
No, I'll take it.
Thank you.
Dormer here.
I was shocked to hear about your
"partner. I was getting to know him"...

What do you want?
You know what I want,
Eckhart was gonna give it to me.

You got something to say, just say it.
- "He told you about our conversation?"
- Say it.

Let's just say I'm interested to see
your report on what happened.

Don't presume to know what happened.
You weren't here.
But then, you never are, are you?

You're always safe behind some desk,
reading your bullshit reports.

And that is why I have
nothing but contempt for you.

You and all the assholes like you...
...risk nothing, spend all day sucking
the marrow out of real cops...

...when you never had
the balls to be one yourself.