I thought if I rang
from a pay phone...

The next time, tell me first.
- And we'll do it right.
- Okay, okay.

- What's her name?
- Ana.

- Is she the girl in the picture?
- Yes.

- Wasn't she travelling with you?
- She lost the flight.

That was lucky. So how
did she come to miss

the flight?
We need a phone,
to warn the bullfighter.

A great fight can
only come out of fear.

Not fear of failure,
not with a real bullfighter.

But fear of pain...
Yours, those
around you, your gang.

That fear that makes you look for
what's real through bullfighting.

But you were never
gored by the bull.

And I lost my fear of the bull.
Without that
you can't fight.

Good morning.
Good morning.
- Alejandro Domínguez.
- I know.

- I have a few questions.
- Excuse me a moment.

Of course.
This isn't the first time.
The alarm didn't go off.