You don't deserve the gift.
- What's this?
- It's ours. Put it away.

So now what?
- We stake people?
- Does it bother you?

This girl...
What'll happen to her?
- She'll probably die of a cold.
- Just tell me.

I've no fucking idea.
The photo, the kiss...
maybe she fell for you.

Go on.
Look, through some weird rite, you
took her luck and now it's yours.

That's what we'll play with
from now on... people's luck.

The more pictures,
the more luck.

You don't believe me?
It's simple enough. Some people
like playing with photos.

It's the easiest way
to getting money to escape.

I don't like it.
I won't play that game.
I know no other way...
so it's your choice.
Stay with me or get out of the car,
buy a gun and go and rob a bank.

Make your mind up.
She'll be coming round by now.