Just a Kiss

The ones you can't
ever take back.

Are there any other kind?
So I never told you
what happened

after I dropped you off?
No. So what happened?
Where are you going
with this?

Oh, hold on.
This is very good.

Can you make a left here?
Wait, no, no, no.
Just keep going straight.
Go straight.

Will you please
make up your mind, sir?

Wait. Just take this
all the way down Ninth.

You're sure you don't want
to come with me?

This club is amazing
on Thursday nights.

Yeah, I can't.
I'm going to do this, uh
poetry slam down at Nuyorican.

But you should...
you should come.

The poets are really sexy.
Sexy poets?
The girls go nuts.
They faint if they
hear a good rhyming.

Pete, I would love to hear you
do your little poem

but, uh, the most
beautiful women in New York

are at this place.
Come on.

The club you are going to
is very special.

I got laid many times
in this club.

-Come with me.
-I can't.

Listen, they've already
printed up the programs.

It's a big deal.
These fucking people
from New Jersey don't know
how to drive.

Hey, I'm from Jersey.
I'm sorry, sir.
I have been to Secaucus.
It's a very nice place.
Hey, have you ever
been to, uh, Bayonne?

What is it
with all this traffic?

I've also been to Paramus,
Hoboken and Jersey City.

It's 1:00 in the morning!
People should be
where they're going!

They have no life, these people.
They are having no life.
You can pull over
here on the left.

That's great.
I can get out.

I can walk from here.

No, no, no, don't worry
about it. I got it.

I'll give you my number.
Give me a call.

Great. Um, I had
a very good time

doing your little commercial.
All right.
We'll do it again.

I love New York in June.
How about you?
Yeah. It's October.
Buddy, please drive faster.
I'm sorry, sir,
but I'm not getting tickets!

So, when I finally
got down to the club

there was something
strange in the air.

I think it was a full moon.
Oh yeah, blame it on the moon.
I'm already sorry I didn't go.
Well, hold your applause
till I'm finished.

I don't think
I want to hear this, Dag.

What's up, Dag?