Juwanna Mann

All I did was tell you
about a phenomenal basketball
player, and what did you do?

You set up the tryouts,
you negotiated the contract,
you brokered the deal, baby.

You kind of created me.
You're Frankenstein.

Oh, God.
No, no, no.
No, this is crazy.

- No one's gonna believe you're a woman.
- You did.

- This is blackmail.
- No, it's not. This is black fe-male.

- That's not funny.
- What do you expect me to do?

Basketball is the only thing
I really know how to do.

And I have to make a living.
So until you figure out how
to get me back with my team...

you can just look for me
in the women's locker room, baby.

The women's locker room,
checking out booties.

Checking out booties.
- Basketball booties.

I thought
we were friends.

Oh. Now, see,
there's a problem.

You're not my friend, Lorne.

You're my agent.
Thanks to you, Lorne,
I'm gonna be a Charlotte Banshee.

You're better
than Jerry Maguire.

Somebody kill me!
- Y'all ready for this?
- Who's ready to play?
Who's ready to win?
- Banshees!

- Ban--
- Shees!

- Ban--
- Shees!

It's the opening game
of the WUBAseason.

Hi. Welcome inside
the Charlotte Coliseum.

Along with Jeanne Zelasko,
I'm Chris Myers.

We have a terrific matchup
for you today.

The Charlotte Banshees hosting
the two-time defending champion,
Houston Gallop.

With all-stars in the lineup like
Michelle Langford and Natalie Kemper...

you have to believe the Banshees have
a great shot at beating the Gallop.