Juwanna Mann

Drive careful now, baby...
'cause you are
definitely precious cargo.

You ready? You ready?
Pass the ball.Juwanna!
Juwanna. What the hell are you doing?
Well, I'm sweating.
I'm breaking down the defense.

I'm wearing these chumps out,
making all the shots. Take your pick.

You know what? Practice is over.
Michelle, don't leave. Stick around.

This is about you
and Juwanna.

Listen, missy.
I want you to take a look up here
and tell me what you see.

What I see are a bunch of empty bleaches
that I'm about to help you fill.

- That's what I see.
- Very funny. You're a funny lady.

I see a sign that says
the Charlotte Banshees.

My eyes are fine, Coach.
Because it says
the Charlotte Banshees...

and not
the Charlotte Ju-wanna.

And if the Charlotte Banshees are gonna
have any chance of winning this season...

I have to get my two strongest
players here to try and work together.

Otherwise, we're screwed.
So, you're gonna play
with Michelle here...

and one-on-one
and one-on-one and one-on-one.

Hey, how about one-on-one?
Until you start to get
with the program. You got it?

Yeah, I got it, Coach.
- You ready for this?
- What you got? Come on.

- You're gonna need a pen and paper.
- That's all right. Come on.