Ken Park

Shawn is one of my best friends.
He's young,
but he's kind of smart.

Once we were driving and he threw
a tennis ball at an old lady.

He made us stop the car.
He got out and apologized.

-Do you love me?
-No, I hate you.

-Say it, you little bitch!
-Get off me!

-Say I'm the master!
-Get off me!

Say I'm the master!
-"Shawn, master of the universe."
-Fuck you, motherfucker!

-Get off! You're not, you faggot!
-Say you love me.

-Say I'm the master!
-I hate you, you freaking faggot!

-You're a loser!
-You just can't fucking say it.

-Say you love me.
-Get off!

Say you love me, bitch.
I hate you!
Say I'm the master,
say you love me!

I love you.
Don't cry.
Oh, God!
You love me and I love you.
Go to school.

-What's up with you guys?
-I hate him.

-Give me a cigarette.
-I only have one left.

Your brother told me
to tell you to fuck yourself.