Ken Park

Shit, I should move in here.
This shit's tight, a little dirty
but fuck it, know what I'm saying?

Get the fuck out of that place!
I love her for the woman she is.
He's kicking.
Maybe he doesn't like beer.
You don't have no respect
for anything.

Marriage, this country, anything.
Go back to Africa.

He's strong.
This one better look like me.
This one better look like me.
What's the matter with my look?
You got one for you,
now I need one for me.

I can not change
andl will not change.

Claude looks like a girl,
he looks just like you.

Shit, he'd probably
wear your clothes.

I like sensitive pretty boys.
Well, you certainly got one.
But I also like them
big and beefy.

I like them just like you.
Come on.
Come on.
Don't do that, you tickle me.
God, you look like,
you look like Claude, shit.