Ken Park

Hey, where were you today?
Ditching again?

I woke up late.
Fuck it, I stayed home.

You miss so much!
I'm gonna start coming.
Miss Reeves was all
asking about you.

"Yeah, well he's never here,
he's failing the class..."

-You'll have to take summer school.
-Fuck that!

-You missed the best fight.
-Oh, yeah!

You know JJ?
He's in our woodshop class.

He like punched this retarded kid
for running over his...

-You want bananas on your sandwich?

You don't want any nannies?
-That's my favorite part.

Did you remember
to clean your room?

You did?
Okay, well if you finish that up
we'll go to ballet.


I'm getting a little tired
of this "no" thing.

One of these days you're going
to have to learn to say yes!


You're home really early.
We finished early and had
ameeting and I just left.