Killing Me Softly

I called you before.
Are you Michelle Stowe?

Yeah, I am. Come in.
I was having a birthday party.
I asked him to dance...
...and then... I don't know...
...we started kissing.
I was shit-faced.
Think I even put
my hand in his shirt.

Then we went outside.
I guess the air must have
straightened me up,

cos I remember wondering...
...what the hell I was doing.
Then he pulled me
into the bushes.

Undid my dress.
There was a zip.
In the back.
I was so young.
I started to cry.
He put his hand over my mouth
and kept going.

He's strong.
There was nothing I could do.

I tried to fight him.
When he was done, he shook me
and said something like...

"It's only sex, just sex."
He got up...
...and left the party with his sister.