Knafayim Shvurot

Ido switched sheets with Bahr again,
and I'm Iate for schooI,
but it couId be worse, right?

Right. Make sure they dress
warmIy and make them sandwiches.

I aIready did.
Pick her up at four and fix dinner,
I'm on the night shift.

She won't go without you. -Let me
taIk to her. Wait, Maya. -What?

Are you OK?
Do you hate me for yesterday?
You know I had no choice.

So you're OK?
-Everything's OK, Mom.

Did you eat something?

Where's Bahr?
-I n my pocket.

Bahr, open up!

Bahr, Mom wants to taIk to you.
-Then she shouId come home.

Bahr! Open up right now!
Mom, she Iocked herseIf in.
She won't come out.

Mom, I'm Iate for schooI,
when can you come?

Maya, why are you yeIIing?
Maya, what happened?
-Why are you doing this?

Doing what?

What do you want?
-Don't sound Iike Dad.

Make Bahr come out
and wait for me outside...

You won't make it. -I wilI,
and then I'm taking you to schooI.

I'm going to work.
But Yair, you promised me.
I tried, it didn't work.
-What do you mean, you tried?

SchooI onIy starts today.
Yair, I don't have time
to argue with you.

Let me taIk to Ido.
Ido! -Dafna, why isn't anyone
in number five? -Five?

I'II go to five, she's mine.

What do you want?
Are you OK, sweetie?
-I have a tummy ache.

You're just nervous,
it'II go away.

I toId you
he wouIdn't go back.

Ido, I promise
he'II go back to schooI today.

BahI, "sweetheaIt",
is that you out "theI"?

I'm Iocked inside
and can't get out.

I'm need heIp "despeIateIy".