Knockaround Guys

tough as fucking naiIs.
When you go down there,
be decisive...

because that is
the motherfucker...

who is responsibIe
for your pop being sent away.

Matty, tonight is the night
that you become a man.

This is aII wrong.
TotaIIy aII wrong.

Teddy, you know.
You got to know.

Guys, this is Bobby BouIevard.
That's the Iife, Matty.
It's aIways the guy
you don't want it to be.

Hey, Matty.
How you doin', kiddo?
Hey, Bobby.
Oh, no, Matty. Matty, come on.
Why wouId I wanna rat
on anyone? No.

Come on. Hey, hey, Matty...
who taught you
the hook serve, huh?

Got you 7 points off your dad
first time you ever set foot...

on a handbaII court
with him, huh? Who?

You did, Bobby.
You remember the time I got you
that bundIe of ''HustIers,'' huh?

You made a fuckin' fortune...
seIIing 'em to those kids
at Aquinas Prep.

Wasn't me, I swear.
I'm no informant.

Shut the fuck up!