Knockaround Guys

What the fuck are you doing?
Are you crazy?

They're your own
fucking machines!

Don't do this to me, por favor.
The miIk guy's getting paid...
the potato chip guy's
getting paid...

the beer guy's getting paid...
getting paid...

and you Iook through me?!
You fuck!

I got it, I got it.
It's right here.

Hey, Teddy. Good to see you.
Hey, Deserve, we were
just taIking about you.

Look at him. Teddy Deserve.
Guy gets kissed more
than a mezuzah.

I'II see you Iater.
One day, TayIor, you're gonna be
waIking in here with Teddy.

Nah. He'II use me
when it suits him...

and he knows I'II do the work.
But I don't get
carried away with it.

My mother's a Jew, and you know
what that means to them.

I saw your bit
on the handbaII court...

you know,
taIking about being ready.

-You meant that shit, right?

'Cause we've been down
this road before, Matty.

I was tweIve years oId, Teddy.
How Iong are you going to keep
hoIding that against me, huh?

Time to move past it.
You think so?

-So do I.

And I toId your father that.
You did?
Remember the probIem
we were taIking about?