Knockaround Guys


Georgie Yarkus out in Spokane...
is fIoating your father
some wood for a short term.

Got to go get it,
but we got nobody we can trust.

We're stiII hashing out
the detaiIs...

-but you couId be invoIved.

I done what I couId, Matty.
It's on you to convince him.

I'II see you Iater at the haII.
Hey, Iook aIive.
-Evening, Matty.
-How you doing, man?

Sounding good, Jimmy.
How you doing?

Hey, what's up, Matty?
-Hey, how you doing, Joe?
-Hey, paying customers, Matty.

-Hey, Matty.

-How you doing?

Pump it out, gentIemen.
Get your rent.

There it is!
Come on, sweetheart!

-Hey, Matty!
-FeIIas. Hey.

Did you have a visit
from Tuxedo-Max?

That's right.
HeIp yourseIf to a cummerbund.

Twenty up! Twenty up!
Come on. BiIIy's babes
need the bread.

You need this money picked up
from Yarkus in Spokane?

I'm your guy.
The answer's no.
You get detected crossing state
Iines with aII that Iumber...