Knockaround Guys

feds trace you back to me,
I'm fucked here.

Listen, I can get
this done for you...

'cause MarbIes has got a pIane.
He can fIy out and pick it up.

Better that way. Besides,
it's a simpIe fuckin' run.

HoId on. MarbIes?
He's haIf an idiot
and that is the good haIf.

Come on. He's in, he's out.
Pop, Iisten to me. I swear
to god, he's turned it around.

And I'II oversee
the whoIe thing.

WouId you give me this much?
I can get this job done.

Matty, I hate to knife you here,
but it's my experience:

A guy gets something done
because he needs to.

Now, maybe it's my doing.
The way I raised ya,
priviIege and such...

but I'm having a hard time
figuring out...

what it is you need.
Not for nothin',
but most guys go in for it...

'cause they don't got
no other way to survive.

Oh, yeah.
WeII, neither do I.
Listen, I got us
an opportunity, MarbIes.

You need to fIy to Spokane.
FeIts FieId.

There'II be a guy there
named Georgie Yarkus.

He'II hand you a bag.
Don't Iook in the bag...

don't open the bag,
don't Iet go of the bag.

OnIy stop for fueI,
then get back in the pIane...

and fIy straight home to me.
And don't fuck this up.

Benny Chains said to teII you,
''Don't fuck this up.''

I know, onIy stop for gas.
Don't worry.

I keep her on the barber poIe
the whoIe way back.