Knockaround Guys

Even hyper super-mondo wheeIs.
DefiniteIy super-mondo
wheeIs, man.

That don't Iook
store-bought to me, Stan.

Nope, it's marijuana, Donnie.
-Want to deaI with it now?
-Best I deaI with it Iater.

Hey. Fifty-four gaIIons.
Just top her off.

I swear to Christ, Matty.
I swear to fuckin' Christ.

What did you do?
I swear to Christ. I didn't
turn my back for a second.

What are you saying to me, huh?
I stopped to get fueI. I don't
Ieave the bag in the pIane...

I'II teII you that much.
But these cops--

Cops? What cops?!
They Iooked right through me.
It was Iike they knew every
thing I'd ever been guiIty of.

I couIdn't doubIe back
to the pIane.

It wouId've seemed too obvious.
I had to make a decision:

WaIk right into 'em,
expose your father...

or stash the bag.