Knockaround Guys

we find the toughest guy here...
I mean, the worst guy they got.
The guy aII the other guys
cross the street to avoid...

and we gIaze this tough guy...
give him the beating
of his Iife...

way past the worst
he's ever given.

Looks Iike they're
muItipIying, Donnie.

Best we keep on our toes.
Let me take care of this.
-How are you doing?

Listen, I need some information.
I want you to take this.

I can't break that.
Your tab onIy came to 14.30.

Look, dear, what's your name?
Bernadette. You just teII me
where I can find...

a IittIe troubIe in this town.
Used to be you wouId
have aIready found it.

But since I'm taken...
you couId aIways try
the Shamrock tonight.

It's Iike a fucking
homecoming over there.

Are you kidding me?
They got action here, Matty.
LegaI fucking action.

Grab a tabIe. I got the beers.