Knockaround Guys

Got me.
Howdy, sidewinder. Take--
Got me.
You see anybody in here
with an unusuaIIy thick roII?

Nah. I've been watching.
Who the fuck
are Brooks and Dunn?

They're reaI good, aren't they?
They're Teri's favorite.

Hey, Teri, come here.
How are you, dear?
PeopIe reaIIy dance to this?

-Show me.

-Show you?
-Yeah, come on.

AII right.
It's easier than easy.

Jesus Christ.
You dance good.
Where are you from?

Oh, great.
These are nice guys here, Gordy.
We were just dancin'.

Why don't you keep to yourseIf?
WeII, you were askin' about me.
You got my attention now,
don't ya?

You run this pIace? You the man?
You the guy I come to...

if I wanted to sort
some things out?

No, I'm Brucker. I'm the guy
askin' what the fuck you want.

I am aIso the guy decides
if you and your friends...

waIk the fuck outta here or not!
Yeah, he'II do.
Five hundred.
Five hundred what, douche bag?
Five hundred fights.
That's the number I figured
when I was a kid.