Knockaround Guys

A coupIe of kids.
Back home you find
a bag of dog shit...

you go Iooking for
who it beIongs to, right?

-Morning, Stan.

-Back to the saIt mines?
-Gotta make one stop first.

AII right, no, I see...
it's a vaIid point
about spIitting, dude.

CouId we not take
the Iuges with?

No, man, they're too buIky.
We gotta sacrifice 'em.

-But my stuff--

we'II get you new stuff.
Oh, yeah.
Go time.
-Oh, shit.
-Oh, shit.

What the fuck is that?
I knew you weren't sick,
you Iying sack of shit.

Fuck. Hey, Dad.
Watch your mouth.
-What's in the bag, son?
-I don't know, Iook.

More of that reefer
I saw you smoking?

Give me that!
No. Fuck.
Where'd you get this?
Get in the house.
We're gonna taIk about this.

Get in the house.
We were rich once.