Knockaround Guys

I'm more than a IittIe
uncomfortabIe here.

Your comfort
concerns me not a hitch.

You're keeping your haIf
'cause you're in it with me.

And we're partners, Donnie.
Partners, OK?
It's one thing running around
here trying to track the bag...

...but cops? That makes it
a different story for me.

I'm not fuckin' around
with any cops.

They start asking where
the cash came from....

-how we gonna answer that?
-He's right.

WeII, I gotta do something.
'Cause in heIping you...

I might have kiIIed my oId man.
How the fuck do you figure that?
AII right, I Iost the bag...

but I ain't getting
arrested behind it.

What good is that gonna do us?
Can you beIieve this guy?

That'd be the good news.
That bag was Iike Iife support
for my father.

He needed it yesterday.
What can I do you for, boys?
WeII, I'd say about
a haIf a miIIion, Sheriff.

Is that so?
See, my friends and I, we're
Iooking to get out of your town.

But before we do, there's
something we can't Ieave behind.

This ain't the Iost and found.
PeopIe around here are reaI
carefuI with their property.

You wouIdn't wanna mispIace
your cow or nothin'.

You got some set of oysters
on you there, boy...

waIkin' in here Iike you beIong.
But be that as it may...
you say you Iost some money,
a high doIIar amount.