I'll cover the wood in clay...
The wood will burn and make
a chimney for a sauna.

We'll boil or fry them,
then eat them.

You want to go
to the other world?

Drink the broth of toadstools -
those will just make you sick.

Can't be bothered?
Don't worry!

I'll cook them.
The sergeant in my battalion
cooked them wonderfully!

Gerlost's eating mushrooms
to commune with the spirits.

Maybe he's a shaman or a wizard?
Let him rest. He's still weak
after the concussion.

I'll do it myself.
I think you're better
at other things.

I wouldn't mind if you threw
me down on a deerskin, lad.

I've already forgotten
what it's like.

Don't kid around - I haven't
seen a woman in two months.

Now, even a hunchback looks
like a princess to me.

You've got tender hands,
you're not used to man's work.