The water brought a letter.
The political officer informed
on me! Snotty-nosed kid!

Hadn't served a week
at the front, and he informs!

I was like a father to the boy.
He writes: "I inform you that
I do not share the views... "

The water washed out the words.
The water in the stream is good.

If you put laundry in it,
the next day it's clean.

Not much flour left.
I put a little wood in.

He says my poems are rubbish!
Jealousy, maybe?

He only writes to inform.
Yesenin himself told me to write.
My dad was a taxi-driver.
He picked Yesenin up one day.
I was reading out my poems.

He said you need to write.
He even signed a photograph...

Your wife? She's beautiful.
The soldier men took my
husband four years ago...

See, it's Yesenin!
I wrote poems about nature,
to stay sane at the front...

God knows what he saw in them.
Don't worry - you're still alive
and your wife's very beautiful.

Just don't eat mushrooms,
or you'll go loony.

The mushrooms'll be ready soon.
But we need some salt.

Yes. Mushrooms are bad.
They can be poisonous.

Here I am chatting away - you
can't feed the deer with words!