La Turbulence des fluides

Does anyone have a container?
A condom?
Noticed anything abnormal
since the tide stopped?

When was that?
We don't know exactly
when it started.

The level's at zero
on the chart datum,

but slack water has been
lower lately, so we can't tell

if this is a flow stream
or an ebb stream.

The dune's now
out of bounds to golfers.

I'm the mayor here.
I thought we had a deal.
If you prefer,
put people's lives at risk.

Are people's lives at risk?
Yes, mine is.
I don't want to be hit
by a golf ball.

- Something wrong?
- I don't have my probes.

Three boxes are missing.
They got left
at Toronto Airport.

They'll arrive tomorrow.
Afteryour recommendations,
we checked the level of the wells.
No change for now.

Here are the entries
forthe Doppler.
The tide meters.
Current meters.
Hans Peter playing Donkey Kong.
Eitherthis or I light my pipe!
Calm down,
you youngsters.

This is the data
from the Seasat radars.

Surface watertemperature.
Complete weather station.
That's for general use,
should you need it.

The biologists and geologists.
Showers and canteen.
I prepared the documents
I thought you might need.

Topographical maps,
list of GPS codes,

ground water maps,