Like Mike

And Nelson Mandela
and Marilyn Monroe

and Daunte Culpepper.
Who plays in the NFL.
James Avery:
This calls for champagne.

I want a family like that
to adopt me.

Look how theyjust
get along with each other.

That's what I really want.
Kid: Oh, man,
why'd you do that?

All right. Kids...
let's get to work.
Murph:Fresh candy.
Right here.
Hi. Would you like to
buy some candy, ma'am?

Hi. What about you?
Fresh candy. $2.00.
Hey, you guys wanna
buy some candy?

If you don't buy, I don't eat.
Hey, you want some candy?

Reg:It's for
the Chesterfield group home.

Candy bar, anybody?

Can we have some candy?
Please, Daddy?
No. We'll get treats inside.
Girls, don't ever give money
to a kid like this. It's a big scam.

Joad is down low.!
He's open.!

Tracy Reynolds,
you need to pass the ball!

But Tracy shoots!
And it's nothin' but...

And the Knights lose by one.
What was Tracy Reynolds thinking?
No! No!
Look at the coach.
He's on fiire!
Let's go back to work, man.
Go back to work?
Nobody buys when we lose, Murph.
Man,you didn't even
sell half your candy.

We could lose
our TV privileges...again.

Is that Coach Wagner?
I think so.
S-Stay right here.
I'll be right back.

Valet: You have a good one.
Thank you.
Hey, coach.
Bet you could use some candy
after that one.

Tough loss.
You shoulda seen it up close.
You had it won!
You diagrammed the perfect play!
Sure, Harrison didn't
set the low pick,

but why didn't Tracy
pass the ball?