Love and a Bullet

Man, fuck all that "we" shit!
That "we" shit's in Divorce Court, motherfucker!

Bitch-ass niggers! I'm straight up professional!
You're a crazy motherfucker, Bishop!
We still cool though, right?
Let's get the fuck outta here, man. Goddamn it!
Get the fuck in.
I guess, in retrospect,
I wasn't being very professional at all...

...killin' Pretty Nate like that.
Could've been a subconscious reaction
to the angst of workin' a job with no future.

Or, it could've been that lime-green suit
was puttin' a hurting on my eyes.

Malik Bishop.
No, that's his name. Malik Bishop.
Hell motherfuckin' no,
I ain't scared of that nigger, all right?

Look, you know me, Mr. Wiles,
I always toe the line.

This is big Frenchy!
Scared of that motherfucker?
Well, what you...
I can hand you the motherfucker's head
on a platter, if you want. It ain't...

Okay, y'all gonna handle it, okay. Shit.
Well, all right, okay then.
That motherfucker
stepped up to the big leagues.

Nigger, you watchin', you watchin'?
Don't look at me, look out there, homey.