Love and a Bullet

It's one of God's greatest creations.
You need to learn every possible way to kill it.
Buddy here is an old pro.
You listen to him.
Remember, whenever you kill
from this point on, it is something special.

Make it memorable.
You're not just taking a life,
you're undoing one of God's masterworks.

That was some deep shit.
That was some bullshit.
"Undoing God's masterwork."
Listen to me, kid,
you ain't doin' nothing but a job.

Ain't nothing glorious
about cleaning up somebody else's shit!

Now, sit back
and let me teach you a thing or two.

Next month wasn't at all what I expected.
I mean, sure,
I learned shootin' and shit like that.

But what I mostly learned was poison,
anatomy and knife techniques.

But to Buddy, the most important lesson
was makin' a good cup of cappuccino.

You've learned a lot this month, kid.
It's about time you got out there.
Damien hooked me up.
So, I gotta get my shit straight.
-Do right by him, you know?
-Fuck doin' a good job for Damien!

Do a good job to get paid.
That's what this shit is all about!