Love and a Bullet

Our client is Melvin McBride.
He's been the biggest threat
to our team for years.

Make it look like a home invasion.
Quick and clean, fellas. Quick and clean!
Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Ving Rahmes...
-...Yaphet Kotto.
-Yaphet Kotto?

Yep, him too, baby.
Now, what do all these motherfuckers
have in common?

I don't know, nigger. What?
They all played opposite white hoes
and didn't get no pussy!

What about Wesley?
No, he wore Anabellie Scorillie's ass out
in Jungle Fever, baby.

It's all part of the white man's conspiracy
to keep the black man...

...outta the white woman's drawers.
Right, baby?

Yeah, nigger, I'm feelin' your logic.
I'm feelin' you, dog, like in Pelican Brief.
Denzel Washington saved J. Roberts twice,
cleared her name...

...and didn't get any pussy from that bitch!
See, that's what I'm screamin'. If that'd been me,
Julia would've been fuckin' me.

Hi, can I help...
Let's go! Let's go!
Grab what you can!

Let's go!
You got 15 minutes
to get down to Miracle Lanes. Good luck.

Hey, OI' G, Buddy?
Who is this Melvin McBride?
I mean, why was he such a threat to our team?
-That's right!