Love and a Bullet

I know that's right.
Hey, listen, this trophy
doesn't just belong to me and the team.

This trophy belongs to all of us!
Yeah, baby!
Because in one way or another,
you all lent a hand, in one way or another.

Kid, your first job for me, I wanna tell you,
you came through like a champ.

Hip, hip, hooray!
And that was my first job
as a professional killer.

Helping to whack
some innocent mark and his family...

...just because he was a ringer
of our rival bowling team.

Poor fool died
for some stinkin'-ass bowling trophy.

Yeah, baby!
Well, anyway, Damien was so happy,
he bought me a whole new wardrobe.

Some real sharp designer-type shit.
He hooked me up with a fat-ass apartment
in the middle of town.

Things was lookin' up for me, partner.
I was makin' more money...
...and I was startin' to mingle
with a higher class of people.

And it was the ugliest nigger I've ever seen.
Seriously, this nigger was so ugly,
he looked like a special effect.

You ain't right, man.
Like they went to Florence and Normandie,
picked up the ugliest nigger...

...kidnapped his ass. Took him back
to Lucas Ranch and digitized that nigger.

Can they really do that shit?
-Can they do what?
-Digitize a nigger.

When was the last time
you saw a real dinosaur, baby?

It's all part of the white man's conspiracy...
And then, she entered.
Pure. Innocent.
Not fine in that give-you-a-woody sense,
but fine in that inner glow...

...come-breast-feed-my-children sense.
She was like a beautiful bird
that just flew into a snake pit or somethin'.