Love and a Bullet

I heard of people talk about
love at first sight on TVshows and shit.

But, guess what? It happened to me.
Well, not exactly.
It was more like lust at first sight or something.
We're talkin' about a deep soul-searching,
emotionally stimulating...


...get-a-woody type of lust. Yeah.
Hylene was like a female version of me.
And since I knew my shit
was John Blaze bliggity...

...I figured she'd be perfect for me.
My mama, what's up? What the deal?
Fuck off.
What if I decide not to just go and fuck off?
You're playing a dangerous game.
You'll only get yourself hurt.
Hurt? What you mean,
like my feelings or somethin'?

Not your feelings.
Baby, do me a favor. Look into my eyes.
Does it look like I'm scared?

No, you don't look scared.
A little dumb, maybe.
But not scared.
Look, my name is Bishop.
Malik Bishop.
-So you say.
-Yeah, I say.

What do you want, Malik Bishop?
Malik Bishop wants to save you.
To save me?
Save you from a life of Ioneliness.
What makes you think I'm Ionely?
Look here, baby, check this out.
See, I know what you're about.
I mean, you walk around here like you all that.
I mean, you're finer than a motherfucker,
dress sexy as hell.

You've got your makeup on just right.
You ain't gotta take nothing away,
add nothing, it's tight like...

But, you know what?
You got this frigid little look in your eye.