Love and a Bullet

And you know what it's tellin' me?
It's tellin' me that Miss Thing over there
is scared. Afraid.

Afraid of what?
Afraid of lettin' somebody like me in.
'Cause if you did,
we'll find all them little skeletons...

:29:16 got locked away
in that little nasty-ass closet of yours.

And once that cat's out the bag,
we'll find out basically that you're insecure...

...and in a desperate need to be loved.
Baby, don't even bother tryin' to refute me,
just give me your goddamn number.

That was just about the dumbest shit
I've ever heard in my life.

And you were so serious, too.
You were like, "You're afraid to let someone in."
Mackin' your ass off.
I bet that was your best game.
No, that wasn't my best game.
"All the skeletons in your fuckin' closet."
It really wasn't that funny.
I'm sorry.
You were being so creative.
You know what? Fuck this shit.
I ain't even gotta listen to this.

I'll just leave you with this.
That wasn't my best mack!
Come on, I wanna hear your best mack.
You wanna hear my best mack?
Wait, what you tellin' me
is that you wanna hear my best mack?

I wanna hear your best mack.
All right, missy,
I got one that works for me every time.

Get down.
Shake that ass and get it loose.