Love and a Bullet

That way,
it'd be pipin' hot when dinner was served.

What the fuck was I thinking?
Anyway, I knew I had to take a chance,
so I went back to the hotel room...

...with another bag and got both bodies.
I knew that I would have to go check
my black-eyed peas.

You don't wanna overcook them.
They get all mushy.

Oh, shitl Fat for my greensl
My black-eyed peas were doing fine.
My cornbread was nice and brown.

But my greensl
I needed something to replace the ham hocks.

See, a lot of people like to roll
with smoked turkey...

...but nothing is better than cooking
your collard greens with fat.

That's old school there. Real old school.
Anyhoo, I knew that I had to get the meat soon...
...'cause if you get it in too late,
the greens turn slimy...

...before any of the flavor gets in.
I decided to take a chance
and get some hocks from the Deli.

It was gettin' late
and Hylene would be home soon.

Fuck it, I guess I could handle
some swine for one day.

You made a wise choice goin' with the hocks.
These greens are gonna be something special.
I got home in plenty of time
to prepare for dinner with Hylene.

I added the hocks to the greens
and checked the peas.

The peas were the shitl
That's the shit.
The greens came out perfect. See, I nuked...
...the cornbread a little
to get it hot and steamy and set the table.

...the cornbread a little
to get it hot and steamy and set the table.

All I had to do was sit back
and wait for my boo to arrive.

It's about to be on.