Maid in Manhattan

You know what l just heard?
Christina? History after the 1 st.
Christina kitchen or
Christina assistant manager?

Assistant manager.
You know what that means?

Somebody else is gonna be
busting my ass on the 2nd.

Wrong. lt means we're gonna
need an assistant manager.

-Yo, Barb, we still on for happy hour?
-Ten hours and counting.

Hey, Marisa, you here?
Can l finish getting dressed,
please? Thank you.

You're the one who keeps
talking about being a manager.

All l'm saying is, it could be you.
They're not gonna make
a maid a manager.

Why not? Today's a new day.
Anything's possible.

You know what l'm saying?
Friday morning, people!
Lots to do. Heads up.

Mr. Bextrum has an announcement
to make. Mr. Bextrum.

Christina Howard's promotion created
a vacancy that we've decided to fill...

...with in-house personnel.
-Perhaps one of our butlers.
-Excuse me, Mr. Bextrum, sir?

-Yes, Miss Kehoe?
-Can a maid apply?

Technically, if an employee's been
here for three consecutive years...

...he or, indeed, she,
is qualified to apply.

So yes. Sure. Absolutely.
Why not? Anything is possible.

You hear that?
The man said anything's possible.

Yeah, l guess he did.
On to new business.
Mr. Radcliff is checking out of 709.
Mr. Greenwald is checking in.

He's back on the wagon,
so let's clear out the minibar.

Kanga CFO, Mr. Fukimoro,
is checking into 8 1 4.

Stock Evian, shampoo the rugs
and extra slippers for his guests.

Marisa, heads up
on the Madison Suite.

Mrs. Sage is arriving
with the children...

...preferably after Mr. Sage's
girlfriend departs.

You son of a bitch!
Let's make sure it's
a smooth transition.