Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat

I been through so much,
you know, in my life, so...

I kind of wanted to get back out
and tell my own story.

Maryland, DC, is my hometown,
so I grew up here.

I'm a little man, so you kind of get
the 'little man"complex sometimes.

You feel like you gotta
fight for everything.

You even gotta fight for when the
french fries have been taken from you.

First of all. We would like
to thank God...

who just helping us to see another day
to get up to bring you comedy.

Can you hear
what the fuck I'm saying?

I'm not saying that all people
in the media are bad.

Some of them do theirjob.
Some of them do the research...

and they report the truth.
Actor and comedian
Martin Lawrence...

was apprehended by Los Angeles
police offiicers yesterday...

after he was discovered in the middle
of one of LA 's most congested streets...