Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

Will you say something?
- You just said don't talk to me.

What's my problem?
- You're no good at relationships.

I'm sorry, Ria.
- What use being sorry now?

I'm really very sad.
I loved her so much.
And she dumped me, just like that?
It didn't take her even 20 minutes...
to get over a 20 day affair.

Broke my heart.
Sonia, you've hurt me.
My heart's broken.
For the 8th time, Mr. Sanjay Malhotra
in the last 11 months

Now get up and get it over with
Ria... listen to me
But one point. Over the last 11 months
8 girls broke my heart...

but only after I won their hearts, no?
Follow your heart, you can change the
world. 8 girls, 9th can't be too far

That's Sanjay and Ria.
But this isn't their story

This is Sanjay's and Anjali's story.
Sanju and Anju, who became friends...