Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

Destiny is strange. Motherless boy,
at 20, he lost his father too

But he didn't break down
I like that boy
This is still here?
- Last year...
there was talk of cutting down this
branch. For 3 days, I cried

I went on hunger strike for 2 days
and at last, Papa relented

Why not let him cut it if he wants?
- How could I...? You made this swing
For hours we sat on this swing
as we plotted our mischief

Come, sit.
- I hope it doesn't break

If it hasn't broken in all these years
how can it break now? Come

You see? An old relationship
never lets you down

Go on, shoot.
- What...?

I know what's your tricky head
is full of

Full of what?
- Questions, countless questions

About him.
- About whom?

About Rohit, stupid. Who else?
Everyone is asking about him

But I haven't told anyone anything
Because I wanted you
to be the first to know

Rohit... where do I begin?
Last year... Rohit's father came
to live in your house.

Papa told you, no?
Rohit has never come here.
Lives in America. He's a doctor