Mother India

It's an earthen pot. Might break.
With you alive, who can have
a copper pot on their heads?

I want you to have pots
made of gold on your heads.

But nobody cares. What times!
Why are you arguing
with him? Let's go.

Go and rinse your mouth.
It stinks!

- Who is he?
- The village grocer.

But he has a wicked heart.
We'll go together with lunch.

You've come. Shamu's Radha has come
You really take very long!
Sit down.
I think you should come here
with me in the morning itself.

- And lunch?
- Don't worry about food.

You are all I need.
- You cook very well.
- Is the salt okay?

Don't talk about salt.
You must only touch food.
Everything will turn salty. You
don't know how salty your hands are!

Where? See...
The salt of the entire
village is in your hands!

I swear. Let me see...
In two days your henna has faded.

- So what?
- Nothing? You don't understand.

A new bride shouldn't work
so hard. I feel hurt.

New bride? It's 2 days
since we got married.

It's not a few years!
Remain spruced for 2 months.

This time won't return.
Let the other brides be jealous.