decides to pop it
in the breech. . .

fires it up, starts
toking away. . .

forgets there's a shell in the
pipe. Flame hits the firing cap. . .

That's beautiful. Bubble bath, ear
full of tunes, smoking hubba. . .

and this is how
the evening ends. Art.

That's fucking fantastic.
It still doesn't explain the
Mossberg. How did he get that?

Well, if it is tactical ordinance,
it could be an underground buy.

I mean, the armory has been
broken into a few times.

Yeah, it could be. Or he could
have known a cop.

Somebody who knew a cop.
What do you want to do about this?
Nothing. Just let Art finish up,
recovery sweep through. . .

if they find something good, if they
get a stolen weapons hit, great.

We came here to corroborate
Ruiz' story. . .

which we obviously can't do. All
right. It was all bullshit anyway.

-Hey, Art, I'll talk to you later.

I hear bubbles.
I hear bubbles.
What are you guys doing? We had a
deal I thought, you and me there.

So you want to talk about this now
or do you want to wait or what?

I don't know.
Oh my God, what could we have
to talk about?

You know what, I can't believe
that you're out there again.

And don't say that you're not or
give me any of that crap.

What are you talking about? There's
hours involved. Sorry. There are.

-What do you want me to tell you?
-Tell me who uttered that famous. . .

''this job will either burn you out
or bury you.'' Remember saying that?

Yeah, it's Narcotics, Audrey.
Fucking. . .

I'm just curious, how bad that
you think that is was, huh?

Tell me what you remember cause
I'll tell you what I remember.

Five months pregnant, being in
a detox tank with you.

-Where is this coming from?
-Not sleeping.

And watching you climb the walls.
You remember that?

I'm a little late for bath time?
Well, excuse me. . .

I've been giving one
every day for seven months.

It's no big thing, like you can jump
in and then jump out again.