in a free base and then shoot. That
killed this guy I told you about.

I think he tried to sell the same
shit to Calvess. Yeah?

-Tellis, this is mace in records.
-Hey, what's going on?

I got this stuff. You're looking
for maps or hits?

-No. How many hits?
-I got 4 and they're vague.

-You got something to write with?
-Yep, go.

All right. R. Evans, R. Moseley.
G. G. Parks...

E. Schepps, the last one,
he got brought in ten months ago.

-I got that. You got an address?
-Yeah. Maps for the last guy?

4-4-3 Gratchit. Unit 2, I don't
know how good it is...

-but that's last address we got.
-That's good. I appreciate it.

They ran the comp through and about
ten months ago an overdose was. . .

brought into the ER, and this guy,
Schepps. Wait a minute.

Eugene Schepps, Jesus Christ, I know
Eugene Schepps. I know this guy.

You left the door unlocked.
You shouldn't. Anyone. . .

What the fuck y'all doing
in my house, man?

No need to get up. We just. . .
-Hey, how's that?
-My fucking eyes, man.

There you go.
A spicy little. . .
How are you, my man? Let me see.
Take a fucking seat.

How you been, Deacon, good?
Jesus, do you still smoke the weed,
Deacon. You still sniffing glue.

Isn't this shit dated, dog? Fucked
with a bottle model glue a. . .

few years and sealed your sinuses
shut. You had to have them drilled.

Do you remember that, back in the
day. When you were still sucking. . .

back cans of hair spray? How're you
making your paper these days.