Nicholas Nickleby

Mr. Nickleby, I am no longer sure
I can make an investment with you.

- Because of my nephew?
- Because of your treatment of him!

And his sister!
When I think of her leaving
the theater that night...

I feel sick to recall it.
Surely there is another way for me
to expand my fortune...

than to enrich the tormentor...
of these children.
I see, from your eyes, you remember me.
If the change you see in me,
from so long ago, does not move you...

It does not.
...then let the knowledge that I am
as helpless and destitute as a child.

- Any man can earn his bread.
- How?

Would you show me the means?
I did, once.
Not again.
It's 20 years and 5 months
since you and I fell out.

Do you remember the cause?
You claimed part of the profits
of some of my business...

alleging that you had brought it to me.
When I refused you...

you threatened to reveal some...
What was it you said?

Hold I'd gained over you in your absence.
Rifling through my files, I suspect.
So I had you arrested
for an advance you had not repaid.

£30. That's all I owed you.
Indeed, it was more.
There was the interest.
Seven years I have been gone,
under the most crushing conditions...

to return as you see me now,
ready to renew my offer...

but on terms much easier for you
than before.