Nimed marmortahvlil

Everything is fine!
The conscripts ran away and
the battalion leader went after them,

but the good news is that
the main army is marching on Tartu!

General offensive?
Kuperjanov's men, Finns,
armoured trains - everybody!

What about us? - We'll go together
with Reinok's and Vassiljev's platoons.

When the Reds leave the manor to
move towards Tartu, we'll stop them.

And if they won't? - Our troops
will come to relieve us. Get ready!

Where did you leave our Captain?
- Captain?

Here, take your gun.
Ahas, come here!
Somebody saw Marta in the village.
She's fine.

Thank you!
What happened?
- Nothing.

What the hell!
- Attack the enemy!

Look at our bloody pacifist!
What happened?
- Our Captain is dead.