They shoot us, and we just
show them naked on TV. Enough!

An eye for an eye.

I was protecting you
before Infocar even existed.

Don't panic.
I'm watching over you.

But you wait till you have a problem
to call me.

I told you to call me before that.
When I get back from London,
I'll sort it out.

I must go.
My sister's getting married.

OK, stop here.
Off you go, Ahmed.
- Congratulate your sister.
- I will.

When I get back, I'll have them.
- They buy him?
- No, just put him in the picture.

He'll never get involved
in this again.

The rat.
He calls himself a bandit!

It's not Koretski
and Lomov I'm worried about.
They're enemies. An enemy's simple.

But what do we do with a traitor?
- Know who it is?
- Think about it.

Tomorrow, Infocar's shareholders
have an extraordinary
general meeting.

That means
someone promised them their 2%.

One of us!
Mark's been killed.
You and I haven't sold anything.

Only one person left.
Did you speak to him?
It's too late for that.
- I'll go see him.
- Go ahead.

You're childhood friends.
You wait till I call you.
Don't start anything.
Understand, Larry?
I'll wait till you call me.
You'll see:
he'll make you
a very attractive offer.

Did you try mouth-to-mouth?