Orange County

- Hurry up!
- Come on!

Yo, bro.
We heard you tried
to kill Mrs. Cobb.

Are you on a violent rampage, dude?
What do you want?
All right, bro.
Check it out.

We thought, in Lonny’s memory,
we could go down to Emerald Cove.

We could take his board
and push it out into the ocean.

- Or blow it up.
- Right.

That sounds like a great idea,
and we’ll do it.

But I can’t right now
‘cause I got important people over.

- More important than us, huh?
- No.

- More important than Lonny?
- Of course not.

- This is his birthday, man.
- Yeah, man.

Like, his death birthday.
Doesn’t that mean anything to you?

Just go hang
with your little VIPs.

Sorry we intruded
on your tea party.

If you need us, we’ll be out in
the van picking each other’s butts.

- Naked.
- Huh?

I visited Stanford in the fall.
It’s a beautiful campus.

Isn’t it lovely?
We go up there for football games.

And Arthur is on the board, so--
Excuse me. Sorry.
Have you seen my piss?
My parole officer called.
He wants that piss.

I know I got it around here.
Don’t you see
that we have company?

Hey, what’s up?
There it is.

I am so sorry.
Somebody’s gotta fill this up,
or I’m going to jail.

Would you just
get out of here!

I’d like to "protose" a toast.
Shaun has been a wonderful son...
and I want him to be happy.