Orange County

Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, cutie.
What do you want?
the question is...
what do you want?
do you want me to call
public safety?

Do you want me to get naked
and start the revolution?

I’ll take that as a maybe.
- Yes?
- Mr. Durkett?

- You’re such a liar!
- Girls! I told you. Knock it off!

- Dad, Stephanie stole my flip-flops.
- So deal with it, Gina. Go.

- Yes?
- Liar!

I’m Shaun Brumder. I need
to talk to you about my application.

It’s late. I gotta get up
for a 7:00 flight.

There’s been a big mistake.
I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do.
Good night.

Look, we drove all the way here
from Orange County.

Can’t you just give us
five minutes of your time? Please.

Okay. You have five minutes. Go.
Okay. Stanford University
was my first choice.

I didn’t even apply
to any other schools.

My college counsellor
sent you the wrong transcript.

Show me your transcript.
I left it in the car.
I’ll go get it.

- Please don’t go anywhere.
- Okay.

- What?
- Where are our bathing suits?

There’s a green-mesh dive bag
on the floor of my closet.

Just look in there.
Who are these people?
Get rid of them.