Oso rojo, Un

It's very sad
to be in jail,...

...not to be able to see
your family for so long.

You've just got out, the
cops come here every night...

...to play pool, we can't
quarrell over 4 filthy grands.

You think I want you
screw you, Bear.

The truth is I'm broke.
I'm planning something big.
It's not about 4 grand,
Bear, it's about 50 grand.

You don't even have
to show your face,...

...it's just you and your car.
Or are you going to drive a
taxi for the rest of your life?

You wouldn't like
that, right?

You can't support your
family with 600 bucks.

Unless somebody else
supports your wife.

As soon as I can fix this job
I'll give you the money back.

Bye, send my regards to your
family, I know they live...

...in San Justo, that place is more
dangerous then the Far West.

- Cheers, boys.
- Cheers, Turk.

- Who is it?
- Alice?

- Who is it?
- It's me.

Mum hasn't arrived yet.