Panic Room

There are two bedroom floors above.
My God, it's amazing.
Hey, kid. No scooter.
l don't have to tell you this amount
of living space is uncommon in Manhattan.

lt's got a yard. Sort of.
lt is in a bit of disarray, but then again,
21-foot lot, 53 deep.

lt allows for an expansive garden.
Working elevator.
The previous owner was disabled
the last years of his life.

Highly unusual, the elevator.
You will not find this
in 90 percent of brownstones.

Perhaps it's something of a fixer-upper,
but we anticipate enormous interest.

lt's a very emotional property.
Shall we have a look at the rest?
You should make an offer immediately.
Can l see it first?
There is nothing like this
on the market right now.

You can't move from Greenwich
to the Upper West Side...

...and expect to still have a house, a yard
and a dog and cat, but here it is.

lt's got everything
you told me you wanted and more.

You'll have another family.
You could have two.

lt's a fortune.
Mom, it's not Barneys.
You don't have to pay the price on the tag.

He can afford it.
lt would be so lovely
if l could show the property before l leave.

Hardwood floors throughout,
as many as six working fireplaces.

This is the top floor. Two bedrooms.
One at either end.

They share one small bath.
Originally, this would have been
the servants' quarters.

The previous owner
kept a small nursing staff.

l don't know if you have live-in help.
No, it's just the two of us.