Plots with a View

All right, all right.
Come on, Betty, hurry up!
I'm busting!

And where's my mam's breakfast?
That tall man on Jerry last night.
The truck driver.
Did you see the size
of his thighs?

Today we're gonna meet some people
who have been secretly in love...

with someone they shouldn't
have been with for a very long time.

Here you are, Fred, breakfast.
- Is that you, Hugh?
- Morning.

Betty, it's you.
You actually woke, then.

I would like my breakfast, thank you,
if it isn't too much trouble.

I'm ravenous!
Can't you hear my belly rumbling?

Anyway, as my Hugh says,
there are some folk...

Add a little spice, teach
the old dog some new tricks, but...

their partners say "no"!
There you go.
Never mind about all that.

Big night, Ginger?
There's a girl.
Where were you all night?
Don't answer that.

You're a lucky man, Fred.
You know that?
Where on earth is Betty?
Betty... can you hear me?
Are you coming up here today?
Betty, Betty, Betty!
Do you know, Merys, sometimes
I swear I'm gonna waste away.

I'll water you when I get back,
Daphne, I promise.