Power Play

Doesn't that seem strange?
To me, he is one big problem.
Miss St. John.
Thank you for coming by.
Good evening.

We were just discussing the tests
and the wonderful results achieved.

I spoke with Russ McCullough,
he showed me a report.

- Even though it wasn't conclusive...
- I know that report, I've seen it.

What you have to understand is that
McCullough's theory isn't new.

I respect him,
but there's no definitive proof.

I understand,
but his numbers are big.

And it wouldn't hurt to halt the
tests and wait for him to finish.

Lately Russ has been...
well, he's been troubled.

You should know this, we've tried
to get him into a program, but...

he didn't go.
- But I think it 's important we...
- The best for us now is to continue.

As planned.
- I was being shot at!
- Maybe those cops had friends.

There's something to that place.
Something going on at that facility.

- Yes, research. Now leave it alone.
- When I went there...

Nash, there is no drama in the
energy story. Don't create it.

- I thought drama sells newspapers.
- Real drama.

This is real, Breech!
Fine. Fine.
- But a few bandages prove nothing.
- Yes, ma'am.

I'm sorry about that...