Punch-Drunk Love

This subtitle has been brought to you by
--- MOBUTU ---

Yes, I'm still on hold.
And, what is this?

I'm looking at your advertisement
for the airline promotioning giveaway.

Ah, the promotion ...
Yeah, it's hard to understand
because it's says in addition to ...

... but I can't exactly understand
in addition to what ...

... because there's actually nothing to add to.
I think that's typo than.
Ok, so just to clarify, I'm sorry
10 purchases of any of your
Healthy Choice products ...

... equals 500 miles, and with the coupon ...
... the same purchases would value 1000 miles?
That's it!

Well, do you realize that the monetary
value of this promotion and the price ...

... it is potentially worth more than the purchases?
... I don't know.
Could I call you back?
Could I ask your extension
and your name possibly?

Its extension 215 and the name is Carter.

Thank you very much Carter.
All right. Bye-bye.