- Thank you

Queen Elizabeth finally arrives!
It's almost 3 and
the show begins at 3!

"Laxmi, you always do this!"
"Arvind, what's the matter?
You look handsome today"

Don't flatter me.
Why are you late?

"If you listen to that story,
you'll miss the story of the film"

What a boring film!
You should thank me
You're watching less of it
thanks to my delaying you

Now we know it's boring
Don't make excuses for your mistake
Did I tell you that
you look cute in a temper?

5 thousand 6 hundred and 56 times
I see. That's why
you're always in a rage!

Now I know...
- Me? There's a limit...!

Please let us watch the film
- Who was late last Saturday?

I had a punctured tyre.
It was a genuine problem

Genuine problem?
I purposely come late

I can't have a problem
but yours is genuine...

Romeo Juliet...
go out and fight

Sorry boss. Shut up
"No, you tell me..."
I can't have a problem.
Only you can have a problem

You are the problem
I'm the problem?
So what should I do?

Sit down! Let us watch the film!