A house... whose is it?
- Anyone who lives in it

Living it up
in the middle of a desert

You got me scared.
- Who are you?

Tell the boss Babu and Laxmi
are here

"He won't be back before Tuesday.
- Hey, what day is it today?"

- I forgot...

he won't be back before Tuesday.
But you can take care of us

Let us in
Never saw you before.
- First time we're here

"Come on, open the door"
Look I don't know you
I don't know you either.
You could be a thief

What are you saying?
- What's your boss' name?

Dinesh Chauhan.
- You know Mahesh Chauhan?

"Ramesh Chauhan? Ganesh Chauhan?
Your boss' brothers, Mahesh's sons"

Dinesh Chauhan is still
trying to get a son

Ganesh Chauhan has a son.
Babu Chauhan. That's me

You can't know all about
the Chauhan family

Because you don't know my American wife
you won't let her in? Guess who she is

Guess who? Your boss' daughter
from his second wife

This stays between us
Get it? Open the door.
- I'm a poor man

"If anything goes wrong,
I'll lose my job"

I've given you family history.
What more do you want?

The boss tells me when to expect guests.
- I'm your boss

Maybe you're a big man.
- Should I get a minister?